Path to future

Hari ke 2 tahun 2021,

Melihat ke depan dengan semangat,

Sesekali menoleh ke belakang, refleksi agar lebih baik.

Aku berserah, kepada Mu, segala usaha dan upaya agar lebih baik dari hari kemarin.

Aku berserah, titik.

(Jakarta, January 2021)

Fotografi, Nature

Aku Berserah


The world spins,

What goes up comes down,

Things goes around.

Still the promise is there,

The sun will shine,

When it is time;

Not a second more,

Not a second less.

(Gili Trawangan, 2020)

Fotografi, Landscape, Nature

Sun Will Shine


Another day nearly passed,

As the Sun begans to set.

No it does not end there,

As time moves on forward.

(Bogor, 2020)

Fotografi, Landscape, Nature

When The Sun Sets In Bogor


Traveling together,

Three Sisters,

Mom and her younger sisters,

Visiting the past,

Warming up the spirit.

(Jerusalem Cardo, 2019)

Fotografi, Street Photography

Three Sisters At The Cardo 2019


A smile from the heart,

Smile that touches your soul,

Betlehem is her hometown,

Palestine is her country.

(Betlehem, 2019)

Fotografi, Portrait, Street Photography

Smiling Palestinian Girl


Be there wherever you are,

So nice to be said,

Not easy to experience.

Closed doors,

Vacant roads,

Calmness around,

Still not easy to be here.

[Batavia, 2019]


Being here for 2019 election, be with proven leadership.

Fotografi, Street Photography

Here But Away