Setumbu mist - Iksa Menajang

Along with many others

People becoming a herd

Of ideas, of peace, of hatred

Kings overthrown

Rulers take turns

The mist and the temple

Witness it all

[Setumbu Hill Reflections 2011]


Setumbu floating boro


The Classical Misty Borobudur Temple


4 thoughts on “The Classical Misty Borobudur Temple

  1. Is this a real place or an imaginary painting I am curious. The ‘ kings overthrown, people becoming a herd ….’ are you referring to the Arab spring by any chance ?

    I love your blog. Its unique. Vivid pictures and profound matching words. You are truly endowed with a brilliant creative mind. Is the script/language on some pages, Indonesian ?

  2. Thank you for the compliments, I am just trying to find expressions matching the mood of the pictures (from my point of view).

    And yes this is a real picture of a real place, this is a picture of Borobudur Temple taken from Setumbu Hills. Borobudur itself is build somewhere in the ninth century by the Sailendra Dinasty … And the area has witnessed a lot of changes in dinasties, kings and other rulers …. while common people always support what ever is happening .. war, peace, feast or famine ….

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