Senggigi Lombok - Iksa Menajang

Me, my shadow and my camera

We travel to places

At home, nearby, islands, other countries

Walk through cities

Streets, buildings, markets, parks

Strolling along nature

Trees, fields, mountains, rocks

Meeting people

Eating, working, playing, sleeping, worshipping

[Lombok Adventures 2013]

This is to mark the 400th post on this blog.

My first post in this blog dated September 03, 2009; is still related with the other blog, about food, riding and daily life. After being on and off sometimes, then focus is more clear that this will be a blog of my passion in photography. Another focus is to record the learnings formulated to share with others that is why it is written mostly in Indonesian language, eventhough it is supposed to be recorded and re-written on the pages. Maybe later on the way things will develop further, we just have to wait for it.

Thank you for all  who had stayed from the beginning, and to all that joined along the way. Thank you WordPress for making a simple platform for sharing things in this virtual world. We still have a long way to go, hang on ….

Black & White

The Cameo .. #400 Post Of The Blog


One thought on “The Cameo .. #400 Post Of The Blog

  1. congratulations on your 400th post ! It is no easy achievement. Shows your commitment and passion to what you love doing and cryptic writing.

    Thanks to Nablopomo, my slumbering blog is awake and kicking ! Today I posted my 40th post …one tenth of your achievement ;)))

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