Jatiluwih Sunrise - Iksa Menajang

Early in the morning

The paddy fields glowing

As the sun ray hits them

Yellow as gold

Sign that harvest is near

All the hardwork to be paid off

[Jatiluwih World Heritage 2013]


Note for those who love to see landscapes, the two mountain seen near the sun (Mount Batur and Mount Agung) is only seen from this side until around 10 am; afterthat they are not able to be seen anymore. Funny but true.


Foto HDR ini diolah dari 5 frame dengan base pada ISO 100, f/22, 1/8.

Pengolahan menggunakan Photomatrix Pro dengan pilihan proses Contrast Optimizer Tone Mapping. Belajar dari RC Concepcion di Kelby Training, maka pada slider strength digeser ke 100, untuk tone compression di geser ke kanan sampai diperoleh tonal yang menarik. Sedangkan slider lain hanya untuk memperkuat hasil saja. Selanjutnya pengolahan menggunakan Photoshop.

HDR, Landscape

Sunrise At The World Heritage Rice Fields


5 thoughts on “Sunrise At The World Heritage Rice Fields

    • Thank you Pak Matthew… sure just let me know if you are travelling to Indonesia, either in Jakarta, Bali, Lombok or others. Will be glad to make photos with you.

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  2. What a wonderful scenic capture. My first reaction was Wow!. My second thought was that I would have removed the power pole & line. It’s a beautifully taken photograph. Thanks for sharing. – Bob

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