Fujifilm E-X2 - Iksa Menajang

Got an invitation from one of my camera shop to try out the Fujifilm X-E2, a camera that launches with a lot of good reviews everywhere. This is really a good opportunity as I am still looking for a walk around, light weight camera with good results that could be turned into a work horse as well. A lot of photographers already made the jump, eventhough most of them have to maintain several systems by doing so. Well for me I still have to do a lot of thinking, as it has been in my mind quite a long time then no problem to wait for some more time…

Fujifil E-X2 - Iksa Menajang

The results are really tempting, all photos posted here taken in JPG with the 23mm/1.4 lens, which is around 35mm in a full frame camera. Photos also shot at wide open,using aperture f/1.4 and high ISO of 6400, intentionally for testing the results … Fortunately I took some photos in JPG, as the raw converter in my Lightroom 5 has not been able to identify the RAW files yet. The process in Lightroom was minimal, and noise reduction was applied moderately. Sorry for the beautiful models, the skin is not retouched at all, so everything is shown .. pimples, freckles and others …so the readers can imagine how powerful this camera is.

For me the results at ISO 6400 are still acceptable to use, so I should have no problem for the quality of the image in lower ISO and for sure the camera’s base ISO. Also they have great bokeh, but this is mostly contributed by the lens used, then I am confident also that they have good lenses as well as good cameras. Now, this is really a big temptation ……

Fujifilm E-X2 - Iksa Menajang

Fujifilm E-X2 - Iksa Menajang

Fujifilm E-X2 - Iksa Menajang

Fujifilm E-X2 - Iksa Menajang

Fotografi, Portrait

Testing The Fujifilm X-E2 … A Small But Powerful Camera

Mencoba kamera Fujifilm X-E2 yang sudah mendapatkan pujian di banyak review. Test menggunakan lensa 23mm/1.4 yang setara 35mm pada kamera fullframe. Semua foto menggunakan ISO 6400, dan bukaan rana f/1.4. Hasil yang diperoleh pada ISO tinggi ini baik untuk keperluan saya, jadi pada ISO lebih rendah lagi – yang normal digunakan sehari-hari pasti tidak ada masalah. Semua hasil ini difoto menggunakan file JPG, dan diolah minimal pada Lightroom 5 dengan sedikit noise reduction.


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