Mobile Application: The Photographer’s Ephemeris




This is an iOS application, a paid one, while it’s desktop version is still free to use.

Words from the app: “The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) provides tools to help with the planning of natural light photography, particularly landscapes and cityscapes.” And currently I am only using it for planning of making sunrise and sunset photos.

There are a lot of data to get from the app, such as the sunrise or sunset direction of a location. Also its time of twilight, civil – nautical – astronomical. This way we will know when to be at our location, where to shoot. Timing of travel to location is easily calculated.

For those that required moon rise/set and the moon phase for their photo at a given location also can plan their trip based on the data provided. This is useful for photographing the stars, where we prefer at around new moon.

Also many more things we can do with this application, that I have not use personally. Some later times maybe.





5 thoughts on “Mobile Application: The Photographer’s Ephemeris

  1. gtonthenet says:

    For a landscape photographer, this is an application you must have, in my opinion. I use it often to plan surise and sunset shoots.

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