My Reflections: The Year 2013 In This Blog

The year of 2013 is going to pass soon. The clock is ticking, and as this post is in writing it is less than 45 hours away from entering 2014 in my timezone. It is time to see what has been done this year.

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2012 was closed with a posting of The Borobudur Temple (Edge Of 2012), and this year end we still have another posting from Borobudur near the end of the year. But posting in the blog did not begin until mid of February, and it started with this post of Railway Station In Cirebon dated 11-02-2013, a sunset photo. Then posts start flowing again on and off, during the time. Until 21 August 2013 when the blog achieved 300 posting since the first post in 03 September 2009, a long 4 years off posting as and when possible. But as of today already achieved 432 posts in the blog, meaning that the last few months has been quite productive. [Note: this blog contributes more than 430 posts from the agregate 1000+ posts accumulated from all of my blogs active and inactive ones, see the agregator here >> Makan Lagi .. all free blogs from wordpress except for one]

On language, up to October my posts in the blog was in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language), but started with this Sunrise photo on 17 October 2013 I started posting in English, mixing both language at times. I only posted in Indonesian for sharing photography techniques and details, since I am sure there has been an abundance of writing in English on photography. This is another learning for me, as I live in a non English speaking community, and not working in an English speaking community as well.

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This year of 2013 also marked my learning in HDR Technique in photography, and I write quite a lot of the learning process in my HDR posts. You can read from the Pages regarding HDR or from posts on HDR category/tag search.  Another one learned this year is the Lightpainting technique, but frankly it is difficult to do outdoors around the city where I lived, so not much is posted and discussed. Other techniques such as slow exposure, long exposure, macro/close-up, photography, is already common so normally it is not much discussed even though quite regularly posted.

On post processing, all these years I only use Lightroom for post processing my photos. But the need for advancement required me to learn other post processing skills, such as with Photoshop. And fortunately this is much helped by the availability of single aplication subscription at Adobe Cloud, which made Photoshop CC affordable; and even cheaper for the Photography bundle which have Lightroom 5 + Photoshop CC with very low monthly subscription. Click for the tag Photoshop CC.

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One more important thing regarding this blog is as of 19 November 2013, I decided it is time to use the domain upgrade option from WordPress, so the blog is official iksamenajang.com and not iksamenajang.wordpress.com anymore. Another yearly payment to make, but with wordpress everything is smooth and easy and not as difficult as self hosting option.

So this is 2013 on http://iksamenajang.com/ a blog focusing on photography words that goes with it ….

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Thank you so much to all who follows this blog, and to all reader, commentator, and those who liked my posts … This year has been great, and I am sure we will have a better year in 2014 ….


7 thoughts on “My Reflections: The Year 2013 In This Blog

    • Thank you for the appreciation.

      Adobe photographer bundle is really affordable now … hopefully better post processing will bring nicer photos for all

  1. JF says:

    Reblogged this on closetoeighty and commented:
    In November of 2013 I discovered this blog and followed it since that time. I chose to reblog this post because it shows what happened during the year. I hope that you’ll like Iksa Menajang’s photos and poetry as much as I do.

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