Jakarta HDR Nightscape - Iksa Menajang

Yes ..

2013 is going away

We celebrate

All the things we get

In the year to pass

Good, bad, big, small

Everything is a blessing

Give thanks

2014 is coming

We are full of hope

To encounter

Whatever it may bring

And work hard to get

What we aim in life

Still life has many surprises

So be prepared

There are always up and downs

How we perceive the happening is more important

So have a great 2014 all

[Jakarta Nights 2013]


The photo is a 9 frame HDR made with a base of ISO100, f/6.7, 1″ @14mm – (+/- @ 4×1 stop).

Taken on a tripod, with selftimer for bracketing.

Post processing into HDR with Photomatix Pro’s Contrast Optimizer Tone Mapping. Then made vintage by using NIK’s Analog Efex Pro plugin.

HDR, Post Processing

Soon There Will Be A New Set Of 365 Days

Photo dibuat HDR dari 9 frame dengan base ISO100, f/6.7, 1″ @14mm.
Menggunakan tripod dan selftimer untuk bracketing.
Post processing menjadi HDR dengan Contrast Optimizer Tone Mapping pada Photomatix Pro; selanjutnya diolah vintage dengan plugin Analog Efex Pro dari NIK.


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