Sawarna Taraje - Iksa Menajang

Two substances.

The rocks are stationary,

Standing still in its place

Waiting for things to happen.

The water a bit different,

Basically flowing from

One point to another,

Initiated by difference

Of temperature

At the surface and

At the bottom as well.

But things assists in it

Being gigantic waves.

Wind, the moving air

As an example.

So many things …

Our life is complicated

Such as the collisions

Of the rock and water

Assisted by wind ..

Choose who you are ..

[Rocks Of Sawarna, 2013]


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Endless Collision: The Rocks And The Sea


6 thoughts on “Endless Collision: The Rocks And The Sea

    • Thank you very much Sreejith.
      We are in this area after having breakfast. But the long exposure was enabled by ND filters total more than 10 stops of them

  1. Salam Takzim
    Selalu indah hasil karyanya pak Iksa. Hehehe terima kasih pak sudah memberikan kesegaran untuk mata dan hati melihatnya
    Salam Takzim Batavusqu

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