Situ Gunung - Iksa Menajang

This trunk Is really truncated.

Left there all alone

Lying in the ground by itself.


When there are people around

They might play with it

Sit above it

Or just making another photograph of it.

How about you?

[Situ Gunung Adventures 2013]


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Trunk Really Truncated


2 thoughts on “Trunk Really Truncated

  1. No one will bother to give a second look at this object, a piece of wood laying on ground, normally.

    But the way you have taken the shot, with this angle and the use of depth, make this one a real pleasing image to the eyes, I really mean it, Iksa 🙂

    • Thank you very much for the appreciation Sreejith. I think being in a place doing nothing more than taking photos and enjoying the beautiful scenery will make us more creative in searching for objects. And this log also looks very unique …not straight as usual

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