Borobudur Stupa B/W

This is an example of a mistake done intentionally. Making photos with the sun in frame is not easy, and could be more difficult once you are intending to create an HDR of it.

The photo was shot in Borobudur Temple after the sun has risen but still quite low. As can be seen it is about at the top of the stupa in front of me. All the necessary thing to create an HDR photo was complied with. A stable tripod, pre-focus with live-view and turn to manual, manual exposure set, and bracketed adequately (7 frames, base exposure +/- 3 x @1 stop) – ISO 100, f/8, 1/125 @70mm.

What is the mistake:

  • Going against the sun using a mid-tele lens @70mm, meaning that a lot of portion of the sensor is getting so much direct light.
  • That means loss of contrast and a very soft and strange color result.

Why I do it? I love making landscape photos with the sun being a part of it directly, but most of  them were using wide and ultra-wide lenses; so it is worth to try with a mid range tele.

Processing the photo to Black & White as above seems to help a bit.  Processing the photo in color, as it is gives an analog soft colored and strange contrast feel.

Even though it is a mistake, still we can learn from mistakes. Just choose the one that suits us or dumpt it.

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