Warm Light - Iksa Menajang

There are so many

Colors of light

As we may see in life

We could see the cold ones

Soft and calm it may seem

Blue is the representation

Clear is the expectation.

And the warm ones

Are not left behind

As warmth is needed

By everyone anywhere

Being joyful and cheerful

For sure ready for hugs.

Which ever you are

Be thankful. Be useful.

[Jakarta 2013]

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Warm Light And Warmth

Just a simple capture of a lamp. The details shown here is good enough for a small camera with tiny sensor.
Nikon 1 V with kit lens 30-110mm, ISO 1100, 1/60, f/5.6 @110mm (FX equivalent 297mm)


3 thoughts on “Warm Light And Warmth

  1. I love the two lines when you say: Being joyful and cheerful, for sure ready for hugs!!! I am always very ready to hug but nobody’s there to be hugged. LOL

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