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Display Calibration Using Spyder 4 Elite

All this time I am only using the notebook monitor as it is, meaning that calibration only using the facility provided by the operating system to calibrate the monitor for best use. All could be found in the Control Panel, in the Display or Color Management icons. But for photographs actually it is not sufficient to get the intended actual color, either for printing or for web display. So all of the viewer here have to forgive my posts prior to this if the color of the photos is not correct or not as intended. Either it is the detail, saturation, color and others that relate to it.

Spyder4Elite - Iksa Menajang

Last Sunday I had access to the Spyder 4 Elite display calibration unit and used it to calibrate my notebook’s display. The process is very easy, just install the software provided and follow the step by step instructions from the software. Than the notebook display is fully calibrated and analysed. Since my notebook is not the high end type which is fully adjustable, at least it is still able to be calibrated. Well for those who uses Apple products such as iMac, Mac Book etc, might not have the same problem as Windows based PC’s in color management so the urgency to calibrate is not so much.

Calibrating - Iksa Menajang

The result is striking, at least from the photos in the web from professional photographers which is really looking different now. I hope that my photo processing now will get the actual intended colors, not as previously. Fortunately it is not missing by very much, so most of it are still acceptable.

Here is a preview of the calibration process and tools:

Kalibrasi Monitor

Untuk kebutuhan fotografi kita menginginkan hasil dengan warna yang sesuai dengan saat kita memotret, terutama saat berinteraksi dengan manusia misalnya untuk pembuatan portrait, ataupun liputan event-event. Juga saat memotret produk secara komersial, reproduksi warna yang akurat merupakan syarat utama. Dalam hal ini dibutuhkan sarana kerja yang terkalibrasi dengan baik supaya menghasilkan warna yang akurat dan stabil. Salah satu alat yang perlu untuk dikalibrasi adalah display monitor komputer kita.

Menggunakan Spyder 4 Elite proses kalibrasi sangat mudah, tinggal mengikuti saja langkah-langkah panduan pada piranti lunak yang disertakan.

Untuk detail silahkan klik Data Color Spyder 4 Elite


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