When I see the sunken boat for the first time it was still noon, and tide was low so most of the boat could be seen. Luckyly the boat was in the direction of the sunset. But by sunset the tide has risen so about half of the boat was under water.

Actually it was not a full sunset with a round sun seen, because the sky is covered with clouds since noon. This is more a magenta sky due to sunset.


Sunken Boat At Sunset


3 thoughts on “Sunken Boat At Sunset

  1. There are many professional photography blogs on WordPress but yours is one of my favorite actually. It’s nice to see the smallest details of a picture. What I really like too is that you get to the title after you see the picture which allows you to open the post in a new link after you see the content, I mean you don’t have to scroll up again. Great job, have a nice weekend. 🙂

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