Nearly sunken,

It just lay around filled with water,

People have forgotten,

That once this has helped them,

Getting around the port and homes around it. 

Time .. Wait for the time,

Maybe it will be remembered. 

(Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa, 2016)


Photo is processed with Snapseed, a free application from Google that has made Nik Collections free as well.   

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Is It Forgotten?


Creating Android Apps For Your Blog

I am sure that fFor most of us this is for fun only. But for blogs with a lot follower and readers maybe different. For photographers there are other apps you can create, such as wallpaper, photos etc.

I created my android application for my blog for use in android phones and tablets using template provided from; this is free. And the application created is free as well.

If you want to create a paid application than it must be created with a Google Play account. To open the account we pay $25. This Google Play account is quite important if we really want to distribute our apps (even the free ones).

Well this is the link for direct download of my android application:

The CR code:


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Flower From The Hills Of Bukittinggi 😀


A flower
Represents many things

Language barriers
Could be overcome
So would be other
Things that disrupt
People from becoming
Closer one to other

Have many flowers
In your front yard, back yard
What ever space you have
As they grow
Your love grows

Enjoy life
Full of joy
Do not hold
Things in your mind

[Bukittinggi Adventures 2013]

Captured with iPhone camera, processed with VSCO Cam App

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Twilight At Borobudur Temple


Dark it is
When seen by our eyes
Still astronomically
And nautically
Twilight is approaching

The sky is changing colors
Minute by minute
As dawn approached

Next is the first rays
From the sun
Confirming the morning

Many of us
Wake up early
To see the sunrise
Amongst the Stupa
At Borobudur Temple

Some to see
Some to worship
Some to make photos
Many from far away places

All to celebrate
Another morning has been added
We humans must keep on
Living as beings
One for another

As who are we
On our own

[Borobudur Adventures 2013]



Mobile Application: The Photographer’s Ephemeris




This is an iOS application, a paid one, while it’s desktop version is still free to use.

Words from the app: “The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) provides tools to help with the planning of natural light photography, particularly landscapes and cityscapes.” And currently I am only using it for planning of making sunrise and sunset photos.

There are a lot of data to get from the app, such as the sunrise or sunset direction of a location. Also its time of twilight, civil – nautical – astronomical. This way we will know when to be at our location, where to shoot. Timing of travel to location is easily calculated.

For those that required moon rise/set and the moon phase for their photo at a given location also can plan their trip based on the data provided. This is useful for photographing the stars, where we prefer at around new moon.

Also many more things we can do with this application, that I have not use personally. Some later times maybe.