Peanut, here we call them as kacang tanah.

It is very simple to prepare, just boil them in water with a bit of salt. 

It is nice to eat, and healthy ..

(Jakarta, 2016)

Food Photography, Fotografi, Macro / Close-Up

Health Food: Peanut


Locally grown beans,

Just boiled a few minutes,

Provides a healthy food.

The color should be more green,

But it is does not matter,

Taste and texture remains the same.

(Jakarta, 2016)

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Health Food: Edamame



A traditional product found all over the country,

Made from various source,

Every one loves it,

The cracking sound when consumed is really magical,

As it will make you eat more, and more,

Want to try? Please do ..

(Bogor, 2016)


About kerupuk in asinan A Steller story. 

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Rice Crackers


Each and every day,

Begin with imagining a beatiful end,

And start to think of,

What needs to pe prepared,

To achieve the things,

We wanted to finish.

(Rembang, 2016)

Food Photography, Street Photography

Preparing The Day


Mastering the basics,

Practice, practice, and practice,


Reveal the weaknesses,

Study the strength;

Repeat the whole process.

That way you learn to fly, and

Avoid being fried. 

[Cipayung, 2015]

Food Photography, Fotografi

Learn To Fly Or Be Fried


Pawon Jawa

The fire from the kitchen is important,

As most of the time it is the center of the household,

Place where everyone is looking for comfort,

As food is there,

And coldness stays away.

Looking forward to see some more of you,

Traditional kitchen here I come.

[Muntilan 2013]

Food Photography

Another Look At The Kitchen


Pawon Senerek

Traditional cooking brings us,

To the past,

Giving a chance to learn,

And to reflect on history,

On the traditions of our ancestors,

Of best practices learned the hard way.

Pawon, is the heart of it.

Senerek is the melting pot.

[Magelang 2013]

Food Photography

Pawon Senerek