Darkness represents nighttime, 

But the city is different,

So many lights help color the night,

And it gives the extended life,

To the city that never sleep. 

(Jakarta, 2016)

Fotografi, Landscape, Street Photography

Colors Of The Night


Strolling along the seaside,

Enjoying the beautiful morning sun,

Capturing images from many angles,

Keeping pixels and memories.

The routine of a travelling photographer,

Feeding the soul with nice things,

Capture ideas for improvement,

Clean mind, fresh spirit,

Those were brought home. 

(Rembang, 2016)

Landscape, Nature, Street Photography

Morning Photographer


Mangroves, tiny mangroves,

Just being planted along beach,

With gentle care it will grow. 

Mangroves, mighty ones,

Can withstand the waves,

Provide safe harbor for fishes,

It take turn providing people,

That once cared for them. 

(Pulau Tidung, 2014)

Landscape, Nature

Future Starts Now


Look out to the skies and see the emptiness,

Look deep down your heart and bring happiness there. 

Do not be disturbed by what is out there. 

Nothing is worth more than another day passing by, filled with joy and gratefulness.  Be happy!

(Jakarta, 2016)

Belajar Fotografi, Landscape

Another Day Passed


Any time of day,

When children meets water,

Then fun is surely coming,

Nothing to worry,

Only joy and laughter is around.

Always be a child,

And find the water around you,

Be joyous and laugh a lot. 

(Surakarta, 2014)

Landscape, Nature, Street Photography

Water Is Fun


Waking early in the morning,
So you can have a nice weather,
Calm waters and nice wind,
Cloudy blue sky,
And a nice sun ray of the morning.
It is so nice to be in a boat,
At a beautiful lake,
Among fine people.
[Rawa Pening 2014]


Morning At The Lake


FIsherman Throw

Nothing is perfectly done at the beginning,

As people learn by doing,

The more practice and discipline,

The better the result will be.

This applies to all we do ..

[Rawa Pening 2014]


Practicing The Throw