Strolling along the seaside,

Enjoying the beautiful morning sun,

Capturing images from many angles,

Keeping pixels and memories.

The routine of a travelling photographer,

Feeding the soul with nice things,

Capture ideas for improvement,

Clean mind, fresh spirit,

Those were brought home. 

(Rembang, 2016)

Landscape, Nature, Street Photography

Morning Photographer


Mangroves, tiny mangroves,

Just being planted along beach,

With gentle care it will grow. 

Mangroves, mighty ones,

Can withstand the waves,

Provide safe harbor for fishes,

It take turn providing people,

That once cared for them. 

(Pulau Tidung, 2014)

Landscape, Nature

Future Starts Now


Any time of day,

When children meets water,

Then fun is surely coming,

Nothing to worry,

Only joy and laughter is around.

Always be a child,

And find the water around you,

Be joyous and laugh a lot. 

(Surakarta, 2014)

Landscape, Nature, Street Photography

Water Is Fun


Water Lily Fujifilm

Floating above the water,

Beauty in its simplicity,

Shines through impurity.

This is a good example,

For those who feel beautiful.

[Jakarta 2014]

Flowers, Nature

Another Angle Of The Water Lily


Tricolor leaves

Pink, White and Green,

Pink when it’s a bud and still young,

White as it grows bigger,

Green is the time to be productive.

Changing as time and function change,

Difference is not to be a problem,

Why should?

[Jakarta 2014]

Lensa Manual, Nature

Tricolor Leaves



The secret,
To have a regular stream of orchid,
Is different for each kind,
Some need weather change,
Some require new shoots,
Others need stimulations,
But all should be a healthy plant first.
Adequate watering,
Fertilized media,
Adequate sun.
[Cipayung, 2014]

Flowers, Nature

Orchid Of The House Again



Another young leaf ..

Just an ordinary plant,

To keep the garden merry,

Piper ornatum, a plant with red leaves ..

[Jakarta, 2014]


Macro / Close-Up, Nature

Piper Ornatum Leaf