Original Samba Dancer

Children is the center of life,
Where the heart of every parent lies,
All the effort and hardwork,
Are dedicated to the children.

Samba Mask Dance Of Cirebon

Children are so dynamic,
They roam the world without fear,
Nothing can stop them,
From going after what they want.

Samba Mask Dance, Childhood
They don’t pretend to be someone,
As they are what they are,

Samba Mask Dance

The presence of laughter, joy and happiness.
A gift from God for us.
[Cirebon 2014]

Black & White, Stage / Panggung / Performance

Samba: The Childhood Mask Dance Of Cirebon


Swara Maharddhika - Iksa Menajang

When you practice

Dance and performance

For so many years

Under strict conditions

The result is

A good show for the public.

And the dance will be one

With your muscles

Deep in the brain



You can perform.

[Solo – Puri Baron 2011]

* Melati Putih by Swara Maharddhika Alumni

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Shima - Iksa Menajang

A couple in love

The world is their own

Two becomes one

In a sweet union

Of mind

Of soul

Of body.

Parents stay away

Giving their blessing.

[Shima, Pernikahan 2014]

Others in BW processed with Nik Silver Efex Pro:

Black & White, Stage / Panggung / Performance

Witnessing Love Birds


Shima - Iksa Menajang

As we all know

Give them our love

So they will learn about love.

Give them our knowledge

So they will built a better world.

Let them participate

So they will be responsible.

We have done our share

Our children taking care now

And their children will be when the time comes.

[Shima, Padepokan 2014]

* Posted after a week break to take care of a sweet baby grand daughter at the house.

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Children Are The Future


Shima - Iksa Menajang

Wandering King

Looking for fulfilness

Up the hills

Down the streams

Wandering the plains

And high in the clouds

Amongst the wind

He may find the answer.

[Shima – Kelana Raja 2014]

Shima - Iksa Menajang

* Opening dance for the performance of Return Of Queen Shima

** Processed to B/W in Silver Efex Pro and vintage color in Analog Efex Pro; both from Nik Software.

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The Wind Warriors


Indra Utami Tamsir - Iksa Menajang

When the time comes

Two decides to become one

A marriage is set


For the bride and groom to be

For the families


Blessings from parents and elders

Willingness to accept


Keeping with best practices

Harmony with society

And most important

Blessings From God

[Jakarta 2013]


Photo of Indonesian Keroncong Diva – Indra Utami Tamsir, as she prepared for her first Solo Concert 2013

Keroncong is a local style of music in Indonesia, influenced by Portuguese

Some you tube links of Indra Utami Tamsir’s song Pengantin AgungThe Royal Marriage

Nikon 1 V1 + 85mm/1.4 @ ISO 1600, f/2.0, 1/200

Portrait, Stage / Panggung / Performance

Royal Marriage – The Keroncong Diva



Suara beresonansi,

Cahaya terefleksi,

Semua untuk dinikmati,

Dengan indra kita meresapi.

[Jakarta 2013]

Belajar Fotografi, Stage / Panggung / Performance

Resonansi Dan Refleksi