Locally grown beans,

Just boiled a few minutes,

Provides a healthy food.

The color should be more green,

But it is does not matter,

Taste and texture remains the same.

(Jakarta, 2016)

Food Photography, Fotografi, Macro / Close-Up, Still Life

Health Food: Edamame


To look beyond what is seen,

To see through the surface,

Sometimes you needed additional tool,

To make things clear …

So, stop and think when you see something, is it really as it seems to be? 

Is there anything you need to see everything clearly ..

Be honest and look for the best. 

(Jakarta, 2016)

Note: This is a result of using CPL filter to see the bottom of a pool not the reflective surface …

Fotografi, Still Life, Texture

This Is Not How You See It



Get up … 
Get going ..
Out of winter .
Time never return, go do what you can ..
(Kemang, 2015) 

Snapshot, Still Life

Getting Out Of Winter


Merayakan - Iksa Menajang

Earth without water

Is something unimaginable

It’s like being in the moon

Or Mars, maybe

Then what would happen to

Human beings?

[Jakarta 2013]


ISO 900, f/4.8, 1/15, @20mm

Nikon 1 V1 + 10-30mm kit

Food Photography, Still Life

A Jug Full Of Water


Tusuk konde

Bisa sangat sederhana,

Bisa sangat mewah,

Kegunaan sederhana,

Tapi bisa jadi panah.

[Jakarta 2013]

Belajar Fotografi, Still Life

Tusuk Konde



Api menyala perlahan,

Kupu-kupu tak takut api,

Hinggap di ujung,

Menantikan apa ..

[Jakarta, 2013]

Fotografi, Still Life

Lilin Dan Kupu-Kupu


Berlatih lensa manual lagi. 135mm/2.8 AI-S @iso200, f8, 1/30,table top mika, sb600 dibawah M@1/32, sb600 dibelakang M@1/16

Lensa Manual, Still Life


Berlatih lensa manual lagi. D90+135mm/2.8 AI-S @iso200, f8, 1/30 [table top mika, sb600 dibawah M@1/32, sb600 dibelakang M@1/16]