Foundry Wall

Happiness is not black & white,
It really is something colorful,
So many things could represent it,
So many causes happiness,
It is not a one way lane,
It is not a single door as well,
More it is an abstract,
As it is not to be calculated,
Eventhough it is anticipated,
And many expected happiness.

Happiness lies within yourself,
You alone can answer the question,
You have to solve your own,
Than the quest for happiness is over.

Merry Christmas to all of you,
Peace be with you.

[Solo, 2014]


On Happiness


Rawa Pening Morning

As normal people we do have dreams,

But must always keep in mind,

To live in reality,

Act on real things,

For real people.

In hard times people do mix-up,

Between dream and reality,

And it kept them going.

[Ambarawa 2013]

Belajar Fotografi, Landscape

Dream In Reality


Rusty Wire

Metals, iron, steel, strong they might be,

But most of them are prone to aging,

As they have more contact with air,

Rust started to take over,

It is nature’s way.

Many strong people, idealistic and smart,

Still they are changing,

Many things will bother,

Lust will take over,

It’s natural selection.

[Bogor, 2014]

Street Photography

Rusty Steel Wire


Concrete in Rawa Pening

Some people may look tough and strong,

Seems like full of purpose in them.

But when we look careful and thoroughly,

The strength has no meaning to society,

It is just another useless thing.

[Ambarawa 2013]


Concrete But Not Useful


Goa Cemara Jogja

Shadow of the pines comforts,

Those who stay under the shade,

It is a free gift from nature,

Against the mighty sun that shines all day.

Living is a balance of all.

[Goa Cemara, 2014]


Under The Shadow


Petak Sembilan - Iksa Menajang

Going inside any worship place

It is a time for us to look

For other sides of our life

And also learn to look

From other sides of our life

As we do not live alone

And we do not just live here

Another place will be for us


At the time we cannot predict

Or expect.

[Jakarta, Petak Sembilan – Imlek 2014]

This is another HDR photo, from 5 frames with base exposure of ISO 100, f/18, 1/2 @24mm (+/- 2 x @1stop).

* After a while not precessing HDR and posting it, now have some time to do basic HDR again.

Teknis Fotografi

Foto ini dibuat HDR dari 5 frame dengan base exposure ISO 100, f/8, 1/2 @24mm (+/- 2 x @1stop).

  1. Pemotretan menggunakan tripod.
  2. Bracketing diset auto bracketing 5 frame mulai dari normal, 2under, 2 over
  3. Menggunakan self-timer 2 detik dengan 5 frame pemotretan berjeda 0.5 detik.
  4. Fokus menggunakan fasilitas live-view, kemudian dimanualkan.
  5. Eksposure disetel manual berdasarkan light meter kamera.

Kesulitan foto pada kontras cahaya luar dengan penerangan di dalam ruangan kelenteng. Kelihatannya rentang 5 stop belum cukup memadai.

Proses pengeditan menggunakan Photomatix Pro, Color Efex Pro dan Lightroom 5.

  1. Kelima bracket diekspor ke Photomatix dari Lightroom, menggunakan file RAW/NEF tanpa olahan.
  2. Dalam Photomatix dicari padanan yang cocok. Dari alternatif yang ada untuk foto ini saya cenderung untuk menggunakan Contrast Optimizer Tone Mapping ataupun Detail Enhancer Tone Mapping. Setelah mencoba lebih detail pada berbagai pilihan slidernya, saya memilih untuk menggunakan Contrast Optimizer, untuk mendapat keseimbangan antara langit, kolong meja, lilin, loteng dan cahaya dari luar..
  3. Karena foto cenderung statis maka tidak digunakan deghosting, toh pergerakan asap dan api cukup menarik bila ada efek geraknya.
  4. Setelah selesai proses HDR maka file dibuka di Color Efex Pro sedikit penyesuaian warna dan detail. Masih nampak banyak bagian yang warnanya masih belum cocok, tetapi agak sulit dibenahi tanpa layer dan masking dari Photoshop.
  5. Setelah itu penyesuaian akhir pada Lightroom meliputi profil lensa yang digunakan, exposure akhir sebelum di ekspor sebagai file JPG untuk penggunaan di web.

Silahkan baca lebih lanjut mengenai HDR pada halaman ini dan pada hasil pencarian HDR di blog ini.

Juga lihat:


Looking From The Other Side .. HDR Inside A Temple


Borobudur Stupa B/W

This is an example of a mistake done intentionally. Making photos with the sun in frame is not easy, and could be more difficult once you are intending to create an HDR of it.

The photo was shot in Borobudur Temple after the sun has risen but still quite low. As can be seen it is about at the top of the stupa in front of me. All the necessary thing to create an HDR photo was complied with. A stable tripod, pre-focus with live-view and turn to manual, manual exposure set, and bracketed adequately (7 frames, base exposure +/- 3 x @1 stop) – ISO 100, f/8, 1/125 @70mm.

What is the mistake:

  • Going against the sun using a mid-tele lens @70mm, meaning that a lot of portion of the sensor is getting so much direct light.
  • That means loss of contrast and a very soft and strange color result.

Why I do it? I love making landscape photos with the sun being a part of it directly, but most of  them were using wide and ultra-wide lenses; so it is worth to try with a mid range tele.

Processing the photo to Black & White as above seems to help a bit.  Processing the photo in color, as it is gives an analog soft colored and strange contrast feel.

Even though it is a mistake, still we can learn from mistakes. Just choose the one that suits us or dumpt it.

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