The peddler walks slowly,

Through small alleys, 

At night time, 

Sometimes the road is dark,

At times could be very dark. 

A small lantern accompanied him,

Wherever he pushes his cart,

Just a little amount of light,

Sufficient to survive the night. 

A lot of people helped us,

Along our dark and lonely,

Walk of life.

Always remember,

We too should,

Be the lantern,

For others in need,

Size does not matter. 

(Jakarta, 2016)

Fotografi, Street Photography

Be The Lantern


Not much to say, 

Flowers there are for sale,

People need them to cheer up,

To add beauty in their surrounding. 

But to those who pass through,

These beauty are free,

Enjoy while it’s there …

(Bogor, 2016)

Black & White, Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Flowers At Sidewalk


In life waiting is normal,

A thing you experience each day,

Even when you seem very busy. 

It is a situation where you should relax,

When nothing else required,

Just be calm and enjoy. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Black & White, Street Photography



Original Samba Dancer

Children is the center of life,
Where the heart of every parent lies,
All the effort and hardwork,
Are dedicated to the children.

Samba Mask Dance Of Cirebon

Children are so dynamic,
They roam the world without fear,
Nothing can stop them,
From going after what they want.

Samba Mask Dance, Childhood
They don’t pretend to be someone,
As they are what they are,

Samba Mask Dance

The presence of laughter, joy and happiness.
A gift from God for us.
[Cirebon 2014]

Black & White, Stage / Panggung / Performance

Samba: The Childhood Mask Dance Of Cirebon


Upik The Panji Mask Dancer

Everybody must go through this stage,
Being born to the world,
Still pure without sin,
Everything is limited.

Panji Mask Dance

So do this mask character’s dance,
White resemblances a baby,
Movement is minimal,
Spirituality is the key.

[Cirebon 2014]

Panji Mask Dancer


This is from a photo trip organised by Focus Nusantara and Fujifilm Indonesia to Cirebon.


Black & White, Portrait

Panji: The First Character Of Cirebonese Mask Dance


Ambarawa Tourist Boats

Some things are specialized,

Some are for general uses,

All have a goal to achieve.

In tourist areas they have tourist boats,

To cater for people that want to enjoy,

The beauty offered by the place.

Rent and contribute to local people.

[Ambarawa 2013]

Black & White

Tourist Boats


Cat And Chicken

Living together peacefully,

Sharing the same space,

Is not something strange,

Is not something difficult.

Still, some cannot share.

[Batavia 2014]

Black & White

A Cat And Two Chickens In The Alley