Not much to say, 

Flowers there are for sale,

People need them to cheer up,

To add beauty in their surrounding. 

But to those who pass through,

These beauty are free,

Enjoy while it’s there …

(Bogor, 2016)

Black & White, Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Flowers At Sidewalk


The world is changing fast,

Now shopping is just a click away,

Still, many people do it old fashioned,

Coming to the store,

Look at the goods,

Feel it with the fingers,

Even try to smell it,

And hear what sound it brings,

All the sensors used. 

And most of all,

Talked to the shop keeper,

And have eye contact,

Interaction is the game,

Transaction is only a result. 

But change is coming,

And it comes fast. 

(Suryakencana – Bogor, 2016)

Street Photography

Shopping Is Interaction



A traditional product found all over the country,

Made from various source,

Every one loves it,

The cracking sound when consumed is really magical,

As it will make you eat more, and more,

Want to try? Please do ..

(Bogor, 2016)


About kerupuk in asinan A Steller story. 

Food Photography, Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Rice Crackers


Puppet play is very common,

And a good puppeteer knows a lot of stories,

To be performed according to the needs,

Of the audience …

Each character have their own face,

Carved as what they are ..

The puppeteer chooses,

What, when, and how they are being performed. 

Puppets don’t have choices. 

You do have choices to make!

(Pulo Geulis – Bogor, 2014)

Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Mask Of A Puppet


Days of hardwork,

Will be displayed in a short time,

All must be perfect,

According to the creator’s standard,

Anything less is not acceptable. 

Creation is not hardwork,

It is giving the best,

From the heart. 

(Bogor, 2016)

Fotografi, Portrait

Almost Done


An ordinary street food seller,

Left his stall lying with no one knowing,

Asked his news everytime passing,

The deserted space he left. 

Years passed without news,

Wondering if he passed away,

And no one knew. 


He is well, smiling as usual,

In his stall which is as nothing happened. 

Glad, to see you again sir!

(Bogor, 2016)

Portrait, Street Photography

Lost And Found Again


Rusty Wire

Metals, iron, steel, strong they might be,

But most of them are prone to aging,

As they have more contact with air,

Rust started to take over,

It is nature’s way.

Many strong people, idealistic and smart,

Still they are changing,

Many things will bother,

Lust will take over,

It’s natural selection.

[Bogor, 2014]

Street Photography

Rusty Steel Wire