Doing things you love,

Excitement is an additive,

Thrill is addictive,

Tired is not an option,

Repetition is a means for achievement,

Satisfaction is in the process,

Happiness is expressed,

Nothing to explain. 

Keep on going!

(Solo, 2014)

Street Photography

Down Hill


Father and Son,

Bound with a bond,

Stronger than people can imagine. 

Still it must be nurtured,

With love and action,

So that it will grow and

Make impossible things happen. 

(Bogor, 2015)

Black & White, Portrait, Snapshot, Street Photography

Father And Son


Any time of day,

When children meets water,

Then fun is surely coming,

Nothing to worry,

Only joy and laughter is around.

Always be a child,

And find the water around you,

Be joyous and laugh a lot. 

(Surakarta, 2014)

Landscape, Nature, Street Photography

Water Is Fun

Black & White, Portrait, Street Photography

Three Generation

Memorial Day,

A bridge amongst generations,

The oldest is the ones experiencing the time when independence proclaimed and the struggle to keep it ….

The old generation of the present is brought up at times when the nation is developing, a time of progress …

The young generation holds the burden and power of the future in their hands, the fate of the nation is theirs ..

As one fades, others replace, memories are made, recorded, honored and remembered.

[Jakarta 2015 – Memorial Day Service]



Big black round eyes,
Confident and strong,
As if asking,
“Who are you stranger?”

Me. A stranger passing by.
Strolling leisurely along the Isle O’ Beaut.
Looking for new things to bond.

[Bogor, 2014]

Black & White, Street Photography

Child From Isle O’ Beaut


Look at their faces,
Happiness all around the class,
This is the real inspiration,
Ability to be happy always.
[Kelas Inspirasi Jakarta, 2014]

Street Photography

Student In Class: Inspiring Or Inspired


Smiling Student

A smile brings many things,

Happiness of the person smiling,

Happiness to those who see it,

Joy to all.

Smile while you can.

[Kelas Inspirasi, Pulo Gebang 2014]


Student In Class: Smile