Pindang Indramayu - Iksa Menajang

Preparing all the fishes

Not arguing for lack of sleep

Or for coldness of the weather

Even it is raining hard the whole week

Flood surrounding the area.

Still she has to survive

The fermented fish, Pindang we call it

Must be sold

So she can earn another day’s living

For her and her family.

[Indramayu, 2014]

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Pindang Indramayu - Iksa Menajang

In the shore areas

Fish are abundant

And it is everyones diet.

Still there are many of them

Wasted if not used.

Expensive and difficult transportation

So they are not able to be eaten fresh elsewhere.

Preservation the only way,

Fermentation and brining is one of the preservation method.

Pindang we call it ..

Interestingly it is kept in enamel pan,

Something rarely seen in the city I live.

Tradition values the people.

[Indramayu 2014]

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Wave Breaker - Iksa Menajang

The sea

The waves

Calm it may seem.


The persistence

Of waves hitting ground

Could not be neglected

Many has seen the damage

By waves to the shoreline.


Have wave breakers.

[Indramayu 2014]

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