Foundry Wall

Happiness is not black & white,
It really is something colorful,
So many things could represent it,
So many causes happiness,
It is not a one way lane,
It is not a single door as well,
More it is an abstract,
As it is not to be calculated,
Eventhough it is anticipated,
And many expected happiness.

Happiness lies within yourself,
You alone can answer the question,
You have to solve your own,
Than the quest for happiness is over.

Merry Christmas to all of you,
Peace be with you.

[Solo, 2014]


On Happiness


Original Samba Dancer

Children is the center of life,
Where the heart of every parent lies,
All the effort and hardwork,
Are dedicated to the children.

Samba Mask Dance Of Cirebon

Children are so dynamic,
They roam the world without fear,
Nothing can stop them,
From going after what they want.

Samba Mask Dance, Childhood
They don’t pretend to be someone,
As they are what they are,

Samba Mask Dance

The presence of laughter, joy and happiness.
A gift from God for us.
[Cirebon 2014]

Black & White, Stage / Panggung / Performance

Samba: The Childhood Mask Dance Of Cirebon


CItiscape Fujifilm HDR

This photo was shot during an early dinner at a mall facing the office building block across. It was lucky that I got a window side table so I can take some shots, about 150 frames actually. Starting from when it was still bright upto blue hour and darkness took over.

Photo was shot at base ISO of 200 on my Fujifilm Xt1 camera, 3 brackets – with a stop difference each. Since it is slow exposure the dining table was used as base for stability, and some covers provided to eliminate reflections at the window glass.

(The technical part will be written in Indonesian language)

My other HDR photos ..

HDR Dengan Kamera Fujifilm XT1

Ini adalah citiscape HDR pertama yang saya buat dengan kamera Fujifilm XT1, menggunakan lensa Fujinon 10-24mm. Kelemahan kamera ini untuk HDR adalah cuma bisa melakukan bracketing exposure maksimum 3 frame dengan rentang 1 stop, tidak bisa lebih baik jumlah frame atau selisih stopnya. Tahapan yang dilakukan sama seperti membuat HDR lainnya:

  • Memotret dengan menggunakan file RAW, dalam hal ini ekstensi RAF.
  • Atur kamera ke fungsi exposure bracketing dengan selisih satu exposure.
  • Stabilisasi kamera dengan meja, dan atur komposisi. Pastikan horizon lurus pada live view.
  • Cari titik fokus (setting pada tombol AF-L adalah untuk lock setelah focus diperoleh jadi tidak berubah lagi)
  • Cari eksposure yang tepat, karena ISO dan aperture fix maka kecepatan yang dicocokkan.
  • Gunakan timer untuk mengurangi getaran berhubung tidak pakai shutter release. Saya setel pada 2 detik.
  • Usahakan tidak ada getaran lain selama proses memotret.
  • Buka file pada Lightroom dan pilih ketiga exposure yang ada, ekspor ke Photomatix untuk pengolahan HDR.
  • Pada Photomatix pilih preset yang sesuai dan disesuaikan detailnya dengan selera kita. Saya gunakan salah satu preset Fusion yang ada, karena kelihatan sangat natural untuk foto ini.
  • Hasil Photomatix dikembalikan ke Lightroom dan diberikan sentuhan akhir sebelum diekspor langsung ke Flickr.

Demikian sharing saya membuat foto HDR ini dengan Fujifilm, Photomatix dan Lightroom.


Blue Hour Citiscape


The days pass,
And another new bloom,
Of the orchid comes in full,
Bringing yet another joy,
To the garden at home.

Take care of the nourishment needs,
Every day give adequate moisture,
Enough sunlight,
And a lot of love.
The flower will always be there,
And the leaves healthy,
As love provides all.
[Jakarta 2014]

Flowers, Macro / Close-Up

Orchid And Leaves


Pawon Jawa

The fire from the kitchen is important,

As most of the time it is the center of the household,

Place where everyone is looking for comfort,

As food is there,

And coldness stays away.

Looking forward to see some more of you,

Traditional kitchen here I come.

[Muntilan 2013]

Food Photography

Another Look At The Kitchen


Snack Stall

Traditional market,

Really is different from modern trade outlets,

This is the place where people interact.

Product, price and service,

All served and discussed with human,

Interaction is plentiful,

People skill is the winner.

Being happy or discomfort,

You have to decide.

[Jakarta 2014]

Street Photography

Colors Of The Market: Snack Stall


Bromo At Dusk

Things could not always be seen,

But still they are there,

Their existence based on knowledge,

That it is there eventhough not seen.

Not everything could be captured by us,

But we still believe it exists.

Believe. Trust.

Live is beautiful.

[Bromo 2013]


Bromo After The Sun Sets