A day out at the park,

People come and go,

Clouds pass by as wind blows,

Trees give shade and freshness,

Leaves grow old and fall,

Decomposed leaves fertilize trees,

The cycle of creation …

[Taman Lembang, 2017]

Fotografi, Street Photography

Sky, Trees, Fallen Leaves


Waking early in the morning,
So you can have a nice weather,
Calm waters and nice wind,
Cloudy blue sky,
And a nice sun ray of the morning.
It is so nice to be in a boat,
At a beautiful lake,
Among fine people.
[Rawa Pening 2014]


Morning At The Lake


FIsherman Throw

Nothing is perfectly done at the beginning,

As people learn by doing,

The more practice and discipline,

The better the result will be.

This applies to all we do ..

[Rawa Pening 2014]


Practicing The Throw


The sun is brightly shining,
A new day has just begun,
A fresh start for all.
Be the best you can,
As time will not come back,
The past is gone.
Cast a net to catch the sun,
At least you will get some fish.
[Rawa Pening 2014]


Catching The Sun


The sky was clear,
The sun was bright,
Wind blows slowly,
As if the world stop,
So that we can enjoy,
The beauty of nature.
Be thankful for what you have!
[Rawa Pening, 2014]


One Fine Morning


The days pass,
And another new bloom,
Of the orchid comes in full,
Bringing yet another joy,
To the garden at home.

Take care of the nourishment needs,
Every day give adequate moisture,
Enough sunlight,
And a lot of love.
The flower will always be there,
And the leaves healthy,
As love provides all.
[Jakarta 2014]

Flowers, Macro / Close-Up

Orchid And Leaves


Ambarawa Tourist Boats

Some things are specialized,

Some are for general uses,

All have a goal to achieve.

In tourist areas they have tourist boats,

To cater for people that want to enjoy,

The beauty offered by the place.

Rent and contribute to local people.

[Ambarawa 2013]

Black & White

Tourist Boats