Welding Worksgop Fujifilm

Working with steel and welding machines,

Creating new structures for better buildings,

Man worked hard in his old workshop,

The art of arc welding mastered by experience,

Nothing can stop the will of a person,

But himself.

[Tangerang 2014]

Street Photography

Old Workshop Hardworking Man


Pasar Lama Tangerang

Old buildings always have a history,

Who, what, how is for us to find out,

That is why some of them are worth to keep,

So that history is preserved.

Only passionate people will take care!

[Tangerang 2014]

Street Photography

Under Renovation


Hibiscus by Iksa XT1

One simple thing,

Seen with similar but different tool,

By different people,

Do not expect the same result.

That is life …

[Batavia 2014]

Hibiscus by Nauval Mukhsin


One Flower Two Cameras Two Lenses Two Photographer


Cat And Chicken

Living together peacefully,

Sharing the same space,

Is not something strange,

Is not something difficult.

Still, some cannot share.

[Batavia 2014]

Black & White

A Cat And Two Chickens In The Alley


Kota Tua Kolong Tol

Survival is the ultimate thing,

People come and go,

Time passing by,

Societies develop,

Cultures are formed.

Still there are many out there,

Stray like the white cat in the alley.

Surviving, looking for a chance,

To break the cycle,

Be a champion someday.

[Batavia 2014]

Black & White, Street Photography

White Cat In The Alley



Once very mighty traders,
Early when the republic was born,
A time where the names are different.
Old and new regime turned reformed,
Crossing the time in history.
[Batavia 2014]

Street Photography

Revisiting The Past: Dasaad Musin Concern


Rusty Wire

Metals, iron, steel, strong they might be,

But most of them are prone to aging,

As they have more contact with air,

Rust started to take over,

It is nature’s way.

Many strong people, idealistic and smart,

Still they are changing,

Many things will bother,

Lust will take over,

It’s natural selection.

[Bogor, 2014]

Street Photography

Rusty Steel Wire