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Mistakes Could Really Be Due To Force Majeur


Last week we had an assignment in Indramayu, a town about 4 hours drive from Jakarta where I live. The schedule is to leave on Friday morning, so we can rest a bit at the afternoon. The next morning is a whole day wedding event starting early in the morning. And the plan is to return on Sunday noon time after a bit sight seeing and have lunch in order for us to reach Jakarta before night.

Monday to Wednesday, we already have another assignment schedule in Jakarta. A corporate job, making portraits of employees of an international market research company.

If all went as planned, the schedule is tiring but manageable and just normal. Also that it is just a normal car ride in a main national road. But a force majeur condition made it a disaster for us and many others.

Continuous heavy rain for several days along the north coast of Java Island, resulting in flood along the main road to Jakarta. Some areas even had about 2 meters of water, making even the trucks could not pass. And it happened on the day we planned to go back to Jakarta.

Then we start to look for alternative road, going up through the mountains avoiding the flood. It was a good plan. And we thought it will add only 2-3 hours of travel.

In the beginning everything seems okay. But after we are already on the mountain road, then we are just stuck there for hours. It seems that all traffic was directed to this road. And resulting a very slow progress for us there, moving just a little each time. And it is for both direction.

In the end it took us 15 hours drive to reach Jakarta and home. An additional 10 hours from the plan. And it means reaching home at 3 am.

Luckily we are able to negotiate a half day rescheduling for the corporate assignment. Which started a bit late as well due to traffic jams in the city due to flood conditions. But as duty calls, we have to perform well no matter what happened.