Strolling along the seaside,

Enjoying the beautiful morning sun,

Capturing images from many angles,

Keeping pixels and memories.

The routine of a travelling photographer,

Feeding the soul with nice things,

Capture ideas for improvement,

Clean mind, fresh spirit,

Those were brought home. 

(Rembang, 2016)

Landscape, Nature, Street Photography

Morning Photographer


Mangroves, tiny mangroves,

Just being planted along beach,

With gentle care it will grow. 

Mangroves, mighty ones,

Can withstand the waves,

Provide safe harbor for fishes,

It take turn providing people,

That once cared for them. 

(Pulau Tidung, 2014)

Landscape, Nature

Future Starts Now


Sunset Parangtritis

The sun goes up and down,

Each and everyday,

It is running on own timetable,

Fix and sure it is.

If you cannot see it,

Than look beyond the clouds,

Sure you will find it there.

[Jogja 2013]


When The Sun Hides


Tidung Mangroves Sunrise

Early morning at the beach,

Watching the sun rising,

It fills our soul with new hopes,

The promise of another fine day to come.

Such is the hope from young mangroves,

Planted to protect the shore,

Providing better environment in future.

[Tidung 2014]


Mangroves At Sunrise


Mangrove Sunrise

We have things near us,

Those that we must treasure,

As they are for a better future.

We have things far from us,

Those were gift from our ancestors,

Still it is not for us to consume at our presence.

The past, the present and the future;

We are in it …

[Tidung 2014]


Some Mangroves And A Distant Tree


Blogger Family Gathering

Sometimes you see things you do not expect,

Still if we observe our surrounding,

Nature will provide many things for us,

Surprises to give joy for our heart,

Through many little things.

Do not overlook the beauty of life,

It is all around you ..

[Pulau Tidung, 2014]


Sun, Cloud, And Silhouettes


Goa Cemara Jogja

Shadow of the pines comforts,

Those who stay under the shade,

It is a free gift from nature,

Against the mighty sun that shines all day.

Living is a balance of all.

[Goa Cemara, 2014]


Under The Shadow