A day out at the park,

People come and go,

Clouds pass by as wind blows,

Trees give shade and freshness,

Leaves grow old and fall,

Decomposed leaves fertilize trees,

The cycle of creation …

[Taman Lembang, 2017]

Fotografi, Street Photography

Sky, Trees, Fallen Leaves


Locally grown beans,

Just boiled a few minutes,

Provides a healthy food.

The color should be more green,

But it is does not matter,

Taste and texture remains the same.

(Jakarta, 2016)

Food Photography, Fotografi, Macro / Close-Up, Still Life

Health Food: Edamame


The world is changing fast,

Now shopping is just a click away,

Still, many people do it old fashioned,

Coming to the store,

Look at the goods,

Feel it with the fingers,

Even try to smell it,

And hear what sound it brings,

All the sensors used. 

And most of all,

Talked to the shop keeper,

And have eye contact,

Interaction is the game,

Transaction is only a result. 

But change is coming,

And it comes fast. 

(Suryakencana – Bogor, 2016)

Street Photography

Shopping Is Interaction


Rust actually is just simple,

It is an oxidation resulting from a mixture, 

Of iron, oxygen, air assisted by the presence of water. 

In life it represents things, people, or ideas being forgotten and left to decay,

Or, from the other side we can see tough and experienced people, things, or ideas that passed many circumstances. 

Which rust are you?

(Semarang, 2016)

Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Close Look Of Rust


Days of hardwork,

Will be displayed in a short time,

All must be perfect,

According to the creator’s standard,

Anything less is not acceptable. 

Creation is not hardwork,

It is giving the best,

From the heart. 

(Bogor, 2016)

Fotografi, Portrait

Almost Done


We live our life,

As painters of the picture,

There are new beginnings, 

And there are things that goes on,

But only the painter decides,

What will the next stroke of paint be. 

Love surely will help to ease,

Every obstacle in creation of a picture,

And gives strength to create a masterpiece,

From what ever is available. 

And the story goes on …


(Jakarta 2016, 19 years together)

Fotografi, Street Photography

Painting Your Life


Nearly sunken,

It just lay around filled with water,

People have forgotten,

That once this has helped them,

Getting around the port and homes around it. 

Time .. Wait for the time,

Maybe it will be remembered. 

(Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa, 2016)


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Is It Forgotten?