Be there wherever you are,

So nice to be said,

Not easy to experience.

Closed doors,

Vacant roads,

Calmness around,

Still not easy to be here.

[Batavia, 2019]


Being here for 2019 election, be with proven leadership.

Fotografi, Street Photography

Here But Away


A cup of coffee with sweetened milk,

A smoking clove cigarette in hand,

Friends to share the day;

That is enough reason for a smile;

Brightens the day …

[Batavia, 2019]


A photo captures a very short situation at the time the shutter is pressed .. but people have hopes for the future, and many placed their future with President Jokowi and work hard to assure him his second term of Presidency. This is to make sure we will keep our smile …

Fotografi, Street Photography

Smile, It’s Easy


A day out at the park,

People come and go,

Clouds pass by as wind blows,

Trees give shade and freshness,

Leaves grow old and fall,

Decomposed leaves fertilize trees,

The cycle of creation …

[Taman Lembang, 2017]

Fotografi, Street Photography

Sky, Trees, Fallen Leaves


So many things lying around,

Step ahead cautiously,

Careful not to trip or slip,

As random things distracts more,

Be prepared. 

[Jakarta – Underground, 2017]

Fotografi, Street Photography



Steel and wood in a panel,

Both aged and worn,

Rust formed,

Texture created,

Anyway all is well. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Fotografi, Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Rusty Steel


# Stranger 001

A civil service police assigned at Jakarta Old City. 




A bright future lies ahead. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Starting again the series of strangers portrait taken on street or other public places. Sharpening the saw. 

Fotografi, Portrait, Street Photography

Yudho Prasetyo 


No one knows whether his step will continue following the same path,

In a very brief moment decision should be made,

Split second decisions,

Split second reviews,

All in continuation,

Along the steps you take …

And the rests you make …

(Tanjung Priok, 2016)

Fotografi, Street Photography

Fade Away