So many things lying around,

Step ahead cautiously,

Careful not to trip or slip,

As random things distracts more,

Be prepared. 

[Jakarta – Underground, 2017]

Fotografi, Street Photography



Steel and wood in a panel,

Both aged and worn,

Rust formed,

Texture created,

Anyway all is well. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Fotografi, Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Rusty Steel


# Stranger 001

A civil service police assigned at Jakarta Old City. 




A bright future lies ahead. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Starting again the series of strangers portrait taken on street or other public places. Sharpening the saw. 

Fotografi, Portrait, Street Photography

Yudho Prasetyo 


No one knows whether his step will continue following the same path,

In a very brief moment decision should be made,

Split second decisions,

Split second reviews,

All in continuation,

Along the steps you take …

And the rests you make …

(Tanjung Priok, 2016)

Fotografi, Street Photography

Fade Away


Ring … Ring …

Ding … Ding …

Sounds the bell, 

Notifying others that something is there,

Beware, be careful, watchout …

That applies to us as well,

Hear the bell …

(Jakarta, 2016)

Fotografi, Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Ring Ring …


The mess of life,

Seen as the picture of boats at the port,

So many lines,

So many colors,

So many forms,

If you could not focus,

Then you miss the picture,

Alive but not living.



Pick the ones you like,

Grow from there ..

Live as in your dreams. 

(Rembang, 2016)

Fotografi, Street Photography

Too Much Of Everything


The peddler walks slowly,

Through small alleys, 

At night time, 

Sometimes the road is dark,

At times could be very dark. 

A small lantern accompanied him,

Wherever he pushes his cart,

Just a little amount of light,

Sufficient to survive the night. 

A lot of people helped us,

Along our dark and lonely,

Walk of life.

Always remember,

We too should,

Be the lantern,

For others in need,

Size does not matter. 

(Jakarta, 2016)

Fotografi, Street Photography

Be The Lantern