Strolling along the seaside,

Enjoying the beautiful morning sun,

Capturing images from many angles,

Keeping pixels and memories.

The routine of a travelling photographer,

Feeding the soul with nice things,

Capture ideas for improvement,

Clean mind, fresh spirit,

Those were brought home. 

(Rembang, 2016)

Landscape, Nature, Street Photography

Morning Photographer


Bromo Sunrise

Clouds hanging across,

Preserving coldness and serenity,

In the village of the Tengger.

Light bounced on the sands,

Creating winds that whisper,

Sound of the desert ..

[Bromo 2013]


Sunrise At Mount Bromo


Ulun Danu Temple

Sunrise at the temple,

Celebration of a new day,

Prayers are chanted,

Thankfulness sent to heaven,

Hopes are brought forward.

Sunrise brings warmth for the day,

Taking turn with the nights coldness,

At the Bedugul Lake.

So do life …

[Lake Bedugul, 2013]


Pura Ulun Danu – At Sunrise


Bromo Clouds

The clouds are coming,

This is a new day,

A fresh start for all,

A new chapter opened,

White and comfort,

As the cloud is seen.

[Bromo 2013]



Clouds Are Coming


Bromo Batok Semeru

It is early in the morning,

Jeeps racing to the watching point,

People going against the coldness of the morning.

All waiting for a new day to come,

Starting all over again,

A new hope begins.

[Tengger 2013]


Batok, Bromo And Semeru At 0445


Tidung Mangroves Sunrise

Early morning at the beach,

Watching the sun rising,

It fills our soul with new hopes,

The promise of another fine day to come.

Such is the hope from young mangroves,

Planted to protect the shore,

Providing better environment in future.

[Tidung 2014]


Mangroves At Sunrise


Mangrove Sunrise

We have things near us,

Those that we must treasure,

As they are for a better future.

We have things far from us,

Those were gift from our ancestors,

Still it is not for us to consume at our presence.

The past, the present and the future;

We are in it …

[Tidung 2014]


Some Mangroves And A Distant Tree