Foundry Wall

Happiness is not black & white,
It really is something colorful,
So many things could represent it,
So many causes happiness,
It is not a one way lane,
It is not a single door as well,
More it is an abstract,
As it is not to be calculated,
Eventhough it is anticipated,
And many expected happiness.

Happiness lies within yourself,
You alone can answer the question,
You have to solve your own,
Than the quest for happiness is over.

Merry Christmas to all of you,
Peace be with you.

[Solo, 2014]


On Happiness


Some people try to impress others,
With the complexity of things,
As if nobility is such a thing,
While in fact it is not.
The rulers of Boko proved,
That simplicity blended with nature,
Is enough to show and be prove of,
Their place up there with the clouds.
[Ratu Boko 2013]


Entrance To The Main Hall