So many things lying around,

Step ahead cautiously,

Careful not to trip or slip,

As random things distracts more,

Be prepared. 

[Jakarta – Underground, 2017]

Fotografi, Street Photography



# Stranger 001

A civil service police assigned at Jakarta Old City. 




A bright future lies ahead. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Starting again the series of strangers portrait taken on street or other public places. Sharpening the saw. 

Fotografi, Portrait, Street Photography

Yudho Prasetyo 


No one knows whether his step will continue following the same path,

In a very brief moment decision should be made,

Split second decisions,

Split second reviews,

All in continuation,

Along the steps you take …

And the rests you make …

(Tanjung Priok, 2016)

Fotografi, Street Photography

Fade Away


Our journey in the world,

As if we are strolling from one path to another,

Passing through doors, gates, alleys,

Some were nice, others might be creepy,

Still the journey is ours,

Decide the best for you. 

(Transjakarta, 2016)

Black & White, Fotografi, Street Photography

Passing Through


To save us,

He is nailed to the cross. 

Thank you Jesus. 

(Staadhuis Plein, 2016)

Black & White, Street Photography

The Cross


Look out to the skies and see the emptiness,

Look deep down your heart and bring happiness there. 

Do not be disturbed by what is out there. 

Nothing is worth more than another day passing by, filled with joy and gratefulness.  Be happy!

(Jakarta, 2016)

Belajar Fotografi, Landscape

Another Day Passed


Any time of day,

When children meets water,

Then fun is surely coming,

Nothing to worry,

Only joy and laughter is around.

Always be a child,

And find the water around you,

Be joyous and laugh a lot. 

(Surakarta, 2014)

Landscape, Nature, Street Photography

Water Is Fun