Orchid Nikon 105

Honoring simple things,

Will make your day better,

Each and every day as time goes by.

My garden kept on giving wonders,

Beautiful things could be found there,

Each and every morning as I wander.

[Jakarta 2014]


Another Orchid From The Garden


Orchid Macro Nikon

At times we need to look closely,

Extremely close to things,

So we could get details,

Of the condition, color, structure.


When you are extremely close,

It is difficult to look deep,

You have limited view,

But at that time you can look to yourself,

Are you clean enough?

Is this happening in life?

[Jakarta 2014]

Flowers, Macro / Close-Up

Orchid: Eff Sixteen At Close Up


Mini Wild Orchid

Taken from its natural environment,

Brought up in nurseries,

Than sold to public,

For keeps at home.

The fate of wild orchids,

Some make it and norishes,

Most die of wrong caring.

Knowledge and care,

A must in caring of plants.

[Jakarta 2014]


Tiny Wild Orchid


Orchid: Lee Misty Spot Filter

Since long time ago in history,

Manipulations are a common thing,

In pictures created to record facts,

Many kind of technology involved around this.

Some do it by physical manipulation,

Nowadays most people manipulate digitally,

As end result users whichever gives the best result,

It will be accepted more.

[Jakarta 2014]


Misty Orchid


Bunga Anggrek

Bunga mekar

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Anggrek … Lagi


Anggrek Mini

Bunganya oranye seperti Persija atau Belanda,

Kecil sekali tiap kuntumnya,

Mini kata orang,


Saat dibeli hanya setangkai,

Sekarang sudah merumpun,

Ah ah semoga awet …

[Cipayung 2013]

Bunga saja

Nikon V1 + FT1 + 70-200/2.8

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Bunga Anggrek Oranye


Tumbuh kembang dalam sesak

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