Not much to say, 

Flowers there are for sale,

People need them to cheer up,

To add beauty in their surrounding. 

But to those who pass through,

These beauty are free,

Enjoy while it’s there …

(Bogor, 2016)

Black & White, Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Flowers At Sidewalk


In life waiting is normal,

A thing you experience each day,

Even when you seem very busy. 

It is a situation where you should relax,

When nothing else required,

Just be calm and enjoy. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Black & White, Street Photography



Our journey in the world,

As if we are strolling from one path to another,

Passing through doors, gates, alleys,

Some were nice, others might be creepy,

Still the journey is ours,

Decide the best for you. 

(Transjakarta, 2016)

Black & White, Fotografi, Street Photography

Passing Through


To save us,

He is nailed to the cross. 

Thank you Jesus. 

(Staadhuis Plein, 2016)

Black & White, Street Photography

The Cross


Lines and lines crossing,

Simple black & white,

Focus and not. 

Just keep it simple, and clear. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Black & White, Street Photography

Lines And Crossing Lines


Father and Son,

Bound with a bond,

Stronger than people can imagine. 

Still it must be nurtured,

With love and action,

So that it will grow and

Make impossible things happen. 

(Bogor, 2015)

Black & White, Portrait, Snapshot, Street Photography

Father And Son

Black & White, Portrait, Street Photography

Three Generation

Memorial Day,

A bridge amongst generations,

The oldest is the ones experiencing the time when independence proclaimed and the struggle to keep it ….

The old generation of the present is brought up at times when the nation is developing, a time of progress …

The young generation holds the burden and power of the future in their hands, the fate of the nation is theirs ..

As one fades, others replace, memories are made, recorded, honored and remembered.

[Jakarta 2015 – Memorial Day Service]