The past is eternalized,
As we went through the gate,
With it’s structure of stone,
Prepared by people of the kingdom.
Now we celebrate,
Building infrastructures for,
And by the people,
Of the country.

But without the past,
We will not be at the present,
People with hope and spirit,
Build the future through learning.
[Ratu Boko 2013]



The Gate


Sunset Parangtritis

The sun goes up and down,

Each and everyday,

It is running on own timetable,

Fix and sure it is.

If you cannot see it,

Than look beyond the clouds,

Sure you will find it there.

[Jogja 2013]


When The Sun Hides


Bromo At Dusk

Things could not always be seen,

But still they are there,

Their existence based on knowledge,

That it is there eventhough not seen.

Not everything could be captured by us,

But we still believe it exists.

Believe. Trust.

Live is beautiful.

[Bromo 2013]


Bromo After The Sun Sets



When I see the sunken boat for the first time it was still noon, and tide was low so most of the boat could be seen. Luckyly the boat was in the direction of the sunset. But by sunset the tide has risen so about half of the boat was under water.

Actually it was not a full sunset with a round sun seen, because the sky is covered with clouds since noon. This is more a magenta sky due to sunset.


Sunken Boat At Sunset


Sunset Agam - Iksa Menajang

To see

Beautiful sunsets

Are a gift for

Those who lived

In places with

Good environment

Or happened

To be there at the

Right time and right place.

Yes natural landscapes

Is combination of all that

But remember,  the more you go out

The bigger your chances to see all that.

[Agam, 2013]

* Just a normal sunset photo not HDR or processed as HDR.

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A Panoramic Sunset At Ampek Angkek


Sawarna Sunset - Iksa Menajang

Blue, grey and darkness

Starts to dominate our vision

The warmth from the afternoon

Slowly overwhelmed

By the coldness of the blue sky.

Traces of light beyond the horizon

Dim and dimmer it gets

Till tomorrow it said finally

We will meet again at dawn

A promise from the Creator.

For now,

Enjoy the Blues and its coldness

[Sawarna Lights 2013]


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After The Sun Sets At Sawarna Beach

Slow Exposure – ISO 50, f/8.0, 122″ @24mm


Gili Air From Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

Seek in your heart

As feeling happy

Is only one of the many there

[Lombok Adventures 2013]

Shore of Gili Trawangan on sunset, view is Of Gili Air and Lombok Islan far away.

ISO 100, f/8.0, 1/30 @14mm

Processed with Photoshop CC and Color Efex Pro. (above is 72dpi below is 300dpi any difference?)

Shore Of Gili Trawangan


Happiness Comes From Yourself