Change needs action to happen,

Bigger change require massive action,

Still it has to start somewhere,

Vision of the future brings energy to it. 


Nothing should be overdone,

Is it real or is it fake .. 

Think and judge for yourself. 

(Batavia, 2016)

** mumble about digital manipulation **

Fotografi, Street Photography

Make Up


Original Samba Dancer

Children is the center of life,
Where the heart of every parent lies,
All the effort and hardwork,
Are dedicated to the children.

Samba Mask Dance Of Cirebon

Children are so dynamic,
They roam the world without fear,
Nothing can stop them,
From going after what they want.

Samba Mask Dance, Childhood
They don’t pretend to be someone,
As they are what they are,

Samba Mask Dance

The presence of laughter, joy and happiness.
A gift from God for us.
[Cirebon 2014]

Black & White, Stage / Panggung / Performance

Samba: The Childhood Mask Dance Of Cirebon


Upik The Panji Mask Dancer

Everybody must go through this stage,
Being born to the world,
Still pure without sin,
Everything is limited.

Panji Mask Dance

So do this mask character’s dance,
White resemblances a baby,
Movement is minimal,
Spirituality is the key.

[Cirebon 2014]

Panji Mask Dancer


This is from a photo trip organised by Focus Nusantara and Fujifilm Indonesia to Cirebon.


Black & White, Portrait

Panji: The First Character Of Cirebonese Mask Dance


Welding Worksgop Fujifilm

Working with steel and welding machines,

Creating new structures for better buildings,

Man worked hard in his old workshop,

The art of arc welding mastered by experience,

Nothing can stop the will of a person,

But himself.

[Tangerang 2014]

Street Photography

Old Workshop Hardworking Man


Smiling Student

A smile brings many things,

Happiness of the person smiling,

Happiness to those who see it,

Joy to all.

Smile while you can.

[Kelas Inspirasi, Pulo Gebang 2014]


Student In Class: Smile


Man And Boat

This is what he do every morning.

Rowing his boat around the lake.

Checking what nature has brought him,

As the night pass by.

A smile is always on his face.

Nature is his friend.

[Rawa Pening 2013]


Man And His Boat



A smile is a smile

A laughter is a laughter

A moment is a moment

Smile and laughter in one moment

Smile and laughter reflects a happy person

A happy person brings happiness to their surrounding

Be happy always.

[Posting again here makes me happy – Jakarta, 2014]

Hi to all my friends ..


A Moment Is A Moment