Father and Son,

Bound with a bond,

Stronger than people can imagine. 

Still it must be nurtured,

With love and action,

So that it will grow and

Make impossible things happen. 

(Bogor, 2015)

Black & White, Portrait, Snapshot, Street Photography

Father And Son



Get up … 
Get going ..
Out of winter .
Time never return, go do what you can ..
(Kemang, 2015) 

Snapshot, Still Life

Getting Out Of Winter


This time I had the chance to try the Fujifilm XT-1 with it’s kit lens the 18-135 WR.

These are straight out of the camera results, shot using the remote application paired to my iPhone 5. I have not checked the result in a computer, since at the time being we are still waiting for our ferry to come.

Yes I am testing the camera in Tidung Island, about 90 minutes by ferry from Jakarta Ancol Marina.



Review, Snapshot, Street Photography

First Impression With Fujifilm XT-1 + 18-135 WR


Wing In The Air

The wing of a plane,

Surrounded by a million lights,

Up in the air,

Down to the ground.

[Jogjakarta 2013]

Dedicated to MH17 and all the passengers in it

Snapshot, Transportasi

A Million Lights And The Wing


Warm Lamp - Iksa Menajang


Are the main thing

That creates dimension

And accentuates texture.

It is the building block of a mood

Represented in


And actually in life ….

[Jakarta – Potato Head – 2013]

* Another standard shoot with Nikon1 V1 with kit lens.

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Warm Lamp And Shadows


Rat Trap - Iksa menajang

At the place I live

It is so common to see

Rats and mouse running all over

On the sewerage

At people’s yard

Inside the house


Small ones, big ones

Rat and mouse is a daily fact.

Outside the house they scour for garbage

Or others in the garden.

In the house

They consume everything.

How about a trap?

[Jakarta 2014]

Rat Trap - Iksa Menajang

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Rat Trap



Baby sleeps
After flying a whole day.
In batik cover
A soft and nice
Traditional cloth.

[Jasmine, 2014]


Baby Hand And Batik