Foundry Wall

Happiness is not black & white,
It really is something colorful,
So many things could represent it,
So many causes happiness,
It is not a one way lane,
It is not a single door as well,
More it is an abstract,
As it is not to be calculated,
Eventhough it is anticipated,
And many expected happiness.

Happiness lies within yourself,
You alone can answer the question,
You have to solve your own,
Than the quest for happiness is over.

Merry Christmas to all of you,
Peace be with you.

[Solo, 2014]


On Happiness


Waking early in the morning,
So you can have a nice weather,
Calm waters and nice wind,
Cloudy blue sky,
And a nice sun ray of the morning.
It is so nice to be in a boat,
At a beautiful lake,
Among fine people.
[Rawa Pening 2014]


Morning At The Lake


FIsherman Throw

Nothing is perfectly done at the beginning,

As people learn by doing,

The more practice and discipline,

The better the result will be.

This applies to all we do ..

[Rawa Pening 2014]


Practicing The Throw


The sun is brightly shining,
A new day has just begun,
A fresh start for all.
Be the best you can,
As time will not come back,
The past is gone.
Cast a net to catch the sun,
At least you will get some fish.
[Rawa Pening 2014]


Catching The Sun


The sky was clear,
The sun was bright,
Wind blows slowly,
As if the world stop,
So that we can enjoy,
The beauty of nature.
Be thankful for what you have!
[Rawa Pening, 2014]


One Fine Morning


Pawon Jawa

The fire from the kitchen is important,

As most of the time it is the center of the household,

Place where everyone is looking for comfort,

As food is there,

And coldness stays away.

Looking forward to see some more of you,

Traditional kitchen here I come.

[Muntilan 2013]

Food Photography

Another Look At The Kitchen


Rawa Pening Morning

As normal people we do have dreams,

But must always keep in mind,

To live in reality,

Act on real things,

For real people.

In hard times people do mix-up,

Between dream and reality,

And it kept them going.

[Ambarawa 2013]

Belajar Fotografi, Landscape

Dream In Reality