Aku = Me

This started as a photoblog, to separate from my daily food, travel and general blogging (mostly in Indonesian Languange), and separated from blog posted with photos taken with my mobile phone. Check my blogs agregator here. But now more and more to be shared in photography besides photos itself. Some sharing of learning process and thinking around photography also being written. Once in a while I will write about gears (camera, lens, supporting stuffs) that I used, either bought by myself or borrowed from rentals or friends. But a lot of useful lenses, nice cameras and gears I have used need to be shared. Also the applications and software that could make photography easier, or better post-processing. Maybe later I could add about sharing the classes, tutorials and assignments in my part as a photographer … But need to find a format to share this kind of things.

I love landscapes, but as a person living and working in a metropolitan it is not easy to get time for doing a lot of landscape photography. So I have to explore more options, macro/close-up, still life, and street photography as a way to keep on clicking the camera’s trigger.

Iksa Menajang is my name. Inilah Aku means “This Is Me” .. this is derived from local Menadonese way of saying “Sei Re’en”.

The tagline here is “Catatan Visual Dari Mata Kiri” or “A Visual Record From My Left Eye”; this is real because I can only use my left eye for photography since the right eye has retinal problem, which at the current time being is not repairable. But there should be no problem, because photograpy is from the heart.

Blog ini berupa sebuah photoblog, bukan untuk menampilkan karya profesional, tetapi sekedar menampilkan photo yang dirasa menarik dan yang penting hasil karya sendiri …. ini adalah hasil motret dimana-mana sepanjang jalan … meskipun saya senangnya motret makanan, tapi sesekali akan ada yang nuansanya berbeda, namanya juga catatan visual ….

Mengapa mata kiri? Sebabnya tidak lain dan tidak bukan, mata kiri ini yang saya gunakan untuk memotret, karena tidak bisa pakai mata kanan seperti kebanyakan orang …. alasannya tidak bisa: ya mau apalagi memang begitu ..

Aku ada dalam mata ….