Smiling Student

A smile brings many things,

Happiness of the person smiling,

Happiness to those who see it,

Joy to all.

Smile while you can.

[Kelas Inspirasi, Pulo Gebang 2014]


Student In Class: Smile



A smile is a smile

A laughter is a laughter

A moment is a moment

Smile and laughter in one moment

Smile and laughter reflects a happy person

A happy person brings happiness to their surrounding

Be happy always.

[Posting again here makes me happy – Jakarta, 2014]

Hi to all my friends ..


A Moment Is A Moment


Shima - Iksa Menajang

As we all know

Give them our love

So they will learn about love.

Give them our knowledge

So they will built a better world.

Let them participate

So they will be responsible.

We have done our share

Our children taking care now

And their children will be when the time comes.

[Shima, Padepokan 2014]

* Posted after a week break to take care of a sweet baby grand daughter at the house.

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[Bogor 2013]

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[Ciheuleut 2013]

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