Orchid Nikon 105

Honoring simple things,

Will make your day better,

Each and every day as time goes by.

My garden kept on giving wonders,

Beautiful things could be found there,

Each and every morning as I wander.

[Jakarta 2014]


Another Orchid From The Garden


Pasar Lama Tangerang

Old buildings always have a history,

Who, what, how is for us to find out,

That is why some of them are worth to keep,

So that history is preserved.

Only passionate people will take care!

[Tangerang 2014]

Street Photography

Under Renovation


Wilted Orchid Flower

Going away gracefully,

After a full month,

Of beauty radiating,

Sending out an atmosphere of serendipity,

For all who pass by and enjoy them.

Time passed,

Go now and new buds will take over,

Some other time.

[Jakarta 2014]

Flowers, Lensa Manual, Macro / Close-Up

Wilted Orchid Flower


Tricolor leaves

Pink, White and Green,

Pink when it’s a bud and still young,

White as it grows bigger,

Green is the time to be productive.

Changing as time and function change,

Difference is not to be a problem,

Why should?

[Jakarta 2014]

Lensa Manual, Nature

Tricolor Leaves


Orchid: Lee Misty Spot Filter

Since long time ago in history,

Manipulations are a common thing,

In pictures created to record facts,

Many kind of technology involved around this.

Some do it by physical manipulation,

Nowadays most people manipulate digitally,

As end result users whichever gives the best result,

It will be accepted more.

[Jakarta 2014]


Misty Orchid


Bunga Morning Glory?

The name suits the fact,

Only in the morning you can see it in full bloom,

A bit late and it is no more there,

Wrinkled and all beaten up.

Wait for another day to come,

And as a new day begun,

It also blast into full bloom.

Some people are morning glories,

Getting their full bloom in the morning.

[Jakarta 2014]

PS: I am not sure whether this belongs to the Morning Glory kind of flowers, but it blooms early morning only.


Morning Glory


Ulun Danu Temple At Dawn

Early morning at the twilight zone,

Dawn is the time to enjoy,

Beatiful lights of the nature,

Such as the beauty high in the Bedugul lake,

Where Ulun Danu Temple was.

[Bedugul, 2013]


Pura Ulun Danu – Before The Sunrise