To look beyond what is seen,

To see through the surface,

Sometimes you needed additional tool,

To make things clear …

So, stop and think when you see something, is it really as it seems to be? 

Is there anything you need to see everything clearly ..

Be honest and look for the best. 

(Jakarta, 2016)

Note: This is a result of using CPL filter to see the bottom of a pool not the reflective surface …

Fotografi, Still Life, Texture

This Is Not How You See It



Berjalan-jalan berkeliling

Menemukan dinding kusam

Dengan jendela kusam

Ah begini nasib rumah tua.

Negara masih muda, rawatlah!

[Bogor 2011]

Belajar Fotografi, Street Photography, Texture

Dinding Dan Jendela Kusam


Jendela Jakarta

Ibu kota katanya kejam,

Konon disana ada banyak ragam,

Tapi yang nampak kok seragam,

Keseragaman dalam keberagaman?

Jendela Ibukota memang berbeda …

[Jakarta Sepi, 2013]

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Belajar Fotografi, HDR, Texture

Jendela Di Ibukota