A month is almost done,

The days of learning has come near the end,

Lessons learned and gained for a better future,

For self, mankind and humanity.

Prepare for a clean door,

The battle of life never ends,

But a clean start is always good.

[Batavia, 2013]

**End of Ramadhan in a few hours**

Black & White

Prepare For A Clean Door


Wing In The Air

The wing of a plane,

Surrounded by a million lights,

Up in the air,

Down to the ground.

[Jogjakarta 2013]

Dedicated to MH17 and all the passengers in it

Snapshot, Transportasi

A Million Lights And The Wing


Family At Beach


Family first.

Fun with family is a must.

Beach is fun.

Family have fun at the beach.

[Ujung Genteng, 2014]

Landscape, Nature

Fun At The Beach


Morning Walk

Sea breeze brings coldness in the morning.

A bit of cloud and a bit of drizzle adds more.

But all of that could not prevent,

The lovely feeling of,

Spending the morning with a friend.

[Ujung Genteng, 2014]


A Friendly Walk At The Beach


Lombok Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

When things go wrong


Most of the people will

See what ever is nearest

And most likely

The foreground they see

Is messed up

… Full of debris

… Lots of garbage

… Not interesting

And the background

Which is faraway

Is very tempting

… Beautiful to see

… Looks peaceful and calm

… Free of clutter

Is it the reality?

Be there,

Judge for yourself.

[Gili Trawangan, 2013]

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Lombok Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

On the beach

Playing with kids

Or just sunbathing

Or even go on for a swim.

… Take time

… Have time

… Make time

For yourself

To relax

And enjoy life.

[Gili Trawangan, 2013]

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Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

Back to nature,

Nice to say.

… But try looking at

… The dry areas of

… Your country.

Where the trees wilt,

The sand hot and dry,

The wind blows the sand,

And the sky is so bright.

All in a moment.

And suddenly the opposite could happen,

And drought turns into flood.

Still, try to keep the nature

Be a nice and green environment….

[Gili Trawangan, 2013]

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