Wilted Orchid Flower

Going away gracefully,

After a full month,

Of beauty radiating,

Sending out an atmosphere of serendipity,

For all who pass by and enjoy them.

Time passed,

Go now and new buds will take over,

Some other time.

[Jakarta 2014]

Flowers, Lensa Manual, Macro / Close-Up

Wilted Orchid Flower


Tricolor leaves

Pink, White and Green,

Pink when it’s a bud and still young,

White as it grows bigger,

Green is the time to be productive.

Changing as time and function change,

Difference is not to be a problem,

Why should?

[Jakarta 2014]

Lensa Manual, Nature

Tricolor Leaves


Tumbuh kembang dalam sesak

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Sesak tetap indah


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Belajar Fotografi, Lensa Manual, Macro / Close-Up

Merambat dan Bertumbuh


Berlatih lensa manual lagi. 135mm/2.8 AI-S @iso200, f8, 1/30,table top mika, sb600 dibawah M@1/32, sb600 dibelakang M@1/16

Lensa Manual, Still Life


Berlatih lensa manual lagi. D90+135mm/2.8 AI-S @iso200, f8, 1/30 [table top mika, sb600 dibawah M@1/32, sb600 dibelakang M@1/16]


Bonsai di halaman ku [belajar lensa manual .. D90 + 35mm/2.0 AI-S @ISO200, 1/500, f4.0)

Lensa Manual

Bonsai di halaman

Bonsai di halaman rumahku [belajar lensa manual .. D90 + 35mm/2.0 AI-S @ISO200, 1/500, f4.0] .. bokehnya masih kasar