Some people try to impress others,
With the complexity of things,
As if nobility is such a thing,
While in fact it is not.
The rulers of Boko proved,
That simplicity blended with nature,
Is enough to show and be prove of,
Their place up there with the clouds.
[Ratu Boko 2013]


Entrance To The Main Hall


Once it was the bathing place,
Of selected beauties of the kingdom,
To be there you must be approved,
By the ruler itself.
Now its just weed and sheep,
Everybody can enter,
And be reminded of the past,
Nobility not required.
Learn from history.
[Ratu Boko, 2013]


Weed And Sheep At The Ruins


Pawon Jawa

The fire from the kitchen is important,

As most of the time it is the center of the household,

Place where everyone is looking for comfort,

As food is there,

And coldness stays away.

Looking forward to see some more of you,

Traditional kitchen here I come.

[Muntilan 2013]

Food Photography

Another Look At The Kitchen


A Bulb Of Lotus

Through the ages,

Through many civilizations,

Lotus has been regarded highly,

It is linked to spirituality,

They say it is ethereal.

Many look for their way through it,

Finding inner peace and serenity,

Through it’s simplicity and complexity.

Which way you choose?

[Jakarta 2014]

Flowers, Macro / Close-Up

Lotus At The Garden


Ulun Danu Temple

Sunrise at the temple,

Celebration of a new day,

Prayers are chanted,

Thankfulness sent to heaven,

Hopes are brought forward.

Sunrise brings warmth for the day,

Taking turn with the nights coldness,

At the Bedugul Lake.

So do life …

[Lake Bedugul, 2013]


Pura Ulun Danu – At Sunrise


Mahapatih Gajah Mada

One Motherland,

One Nation,

Guarded by strong and committed persons,

Inspired by the will of the people,

With the same dream,

Talking the same language,

Achieving the same goals,

People of the country.

[Madakaripura, 2013]


The Guardian


Ganjuran Church in HDR

Not so long ago,

A mighty earthquake shattered,

The whole province,

Taking many casualties.

Survivors have to rebuild from scratch,

Faith is the foundation,

Humanity above all,

Hard work and dedication is the key.

[Ganjuran, 2014]


A Classical Worship Place