Family At Beach


Family first.

Fun with family is a must.

Beach is fun.

Family have fun at the beach.

[Ujung Genteng, 2014]

Landscape, Nature

Fun At The Beach


Morning Walk

Sea breeze brings coldness in the morning.

A bit of cloud and a bit of drizzle adds more.

But all of that could not prevent,

The lovely feeling of,

Spending the morning with a friend.

[Ujung Genteng, 2014]


A Friendly Walk At The Beach


Lombok Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

When things go wrong


Most of the people will

See what ever is nearest

And most likely

The foreground they see

Is messed up

… Full of debris

… Lots of garbage

… Not interesting

And the background

Which is faraway

Is very tempting

… Beautiful to see

… Looks peaceful and calm

… Free of clutter

Is it the reality?

Be there,

Judge for yourself.

[Gili Trawangan, 2013]

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Lombok Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

On the beach

Playing with kids

Or just sunbathing

Or even go on for a swim.

… Take time

… Have time

… Make time

For yourself

To relax

And enjoy life.

[Gili Trawangan, 2013]

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Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

Back to nature,

Nice to say.

… But try looking at

… The dry areas of

… Your country.

Where the trees wilt,

The sand hot and dry,

The wind blows the sand,

And the sky is so bright.

All in a moment.

And suddenly the opposite could happen,

And drought turns into flood.

Still, try to keep the nature

Be a nice and green environment….

[Gili Trawangan, 2013]

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Legon Pari Sawarna - Iksa Menajang

When you are out there

In places where

Nothing resembles the daily

Life you have back home.


Have fun, lots of fun

With whatever you encounter

Most of them are simple things


Have fun with it,

As those were the best times

You can treat yourself happiness.

[Sawarna Rocks 2013]

Photo of me shot by Agan Oppie using my Nikon 1 V1 camera .. best for travel


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Sawarna Taraje - Iksa Menajang

Two substances.

The rocks are stationary,

Standing still in its place

Waiting for things to happen.

The water a bit different,

Basically flowing from

One point to another,

Initiated by difference

Of temperature

At the surface and

At the bottom as well.

But things assists in it

Being gigantic waves.

Wind, the moving air

As an example.

So many things …

Our life is complicated

Such as the collisions

Of the rock and water

Assisted by wind ..

Choose who you are ..

[Rocks Of Sawarna, 2013]


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