Fleur de Mar - Iksa Menajang

Fast forward to the end

We have been through many

Hot and cold

Oily, salty, soft and hard

Cooked and fresh

Still we want to have

Sweetness to close with.

[Fleur De Mar, 2011]

In memory of Captain Gatot Purwoko

Food Photography

Closing With Sweetness


Lips - Iksa Menajang

While there is a chance of the world getting through its troubles,

I hold that a reasonable man has to behave as though he were sure of it.

If at the end your cheerfulness in not justified,

at any rate you will have been cheerful.

[H. G. Wells]


A friend of mine left a message after looking at my photos, he mentioned that it made him feel lonely as most is of quiet beaches, mountain and landscapes. He will be back whenever he needs to relax or need to meditate. It is a compliment but also a good critique. The truth is I really feel at peace with those photos and yes maybe in the future I will have to make more photos involving the other moods we face in life.

Macro / Close-Up

Not Being Cheerful


Shoreline - Iksa Menajang

Some people think they stay the same forever

What I learned from

Walking the shores

Looking at the sea, sand, and rocks

Borderlines between the sea and sand is volatile

The form is dynamic

An interaction of both

None is dominating the others

The rocks seems to remain solid against the sea

But time tells that they are slowly formed

As the waves come and go

Ages it may be

[Adventures In Paradise 2011]


A View From The Top: Borderline Is Always Changing


Pradise Drift - Iksa Menajang

On the landing site

Walking along the path

Where many has passed

Many things drifted

Brought by the waves

Many are left unnoticed

Some were taken back by the waves

Some stayed and made a difference

For all who passed by

And could appreciate whatever

Nature brings to us

[Adventures In Paradise 2011]

Black & White

Drifted Along The Pathway


Paradise Twilight - Iksa Menajang

While in paradise do not waste time

Wake up early as nature’s calls

Go and find the things you love

Pack and run to the shore

Twilight waits for nobody

As the beauty of nature transforms

Life is our paradise

Do not waste time

[Adventures In Paradise 2011]


==click here for color version==

Black & White

Twilight At The Shore Of Paradise


Paradise Sunset - Iksa Menajang

Straying along the northern shore

On the first day in paradise

Looking at my footsteps

Staring at the clouds, the sky and the waves

This is how the sun sets here

Many things are different

Rule of the game is set on its own

As this is paradise

[Adventures In Paradise 2011]


Paradise - Iksa Menajang


My Footsteps In Paradise’s Shore


D7000 Satu-0353

Clouds always hover above it

The tiny spec on the ocean

Some call it Paradise

And true it is for most

Of the inhabitants

And for those who

Can appreciate the beauty

Can enjoy nature’s gift

Of fresh air, forest, sea …

[Adventure In Paradise,  2011]


From The Shore Of Paradise